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Tadd Bushfield and Duff Robinson, 3rd and 4th generations of Girton Adams

Girton Adams was founded in 1909 by Lee Girton and his financial partner Mr. Adams, both of whose names are represented in our company name today as a tribute to the success of our business for over a century.

The past century was a period of unprecedented change, and Girton Adams has modified and adapted its services over time to best meet the demands of customers. We have gone from harvesting blocks of ice from the Sioux River and delivery in horse-drawn carriages to mass-producing and distributing pure, high-quality ice cubes in state of the art ice machines and delivery vehicles. Our wet ice business now serves hundreds of restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets in the Sioux Falls, SD area and our dry ice is a necessity for construction, food purposes, and the medical field. In addition, Girton Adams also sells carving blocks and provides trailers of ice for the majority of large events in the area including the Sioux Falls Jazz Fest and Lifelight Festival.

The heating portion of our business has also evolved from selling coal to heat homes into a dedicated team of professionals able to provide and maintain commercial boilers and burners. Over the years since our transition to boilers and burners in 1955, Girton Adams has always been reliable and prompt in responding to the heating needs of our many customers including, but certainly not limited to, schools, airports, prisons, courthouses, and hospitals in the Midwest. Contact our repairmen and ice suppliers for boiler repair and installation, boiler parts, dry ice, and more.

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